Comfort. Performance. Eco-friendly. No Compromises.
ECOVERSE® is a unique fabric built with eco-friendly materials but still maintaining performance characteristics of traditional sportswear. While the design of Nulethics apparel provides comfort and flexibility for the user, ECOVERSE├é┬« provides amazing performance properties including quick dry, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial.

  Taking a Page from Nature. The Perfect Material.

Bamboo's unique natural properties include high moisture absorbtion, anti-microbial and high breathability. These natural properties are retained even when processing bamboo into fibers for weaving. By using bamboo, we can produce activewear fabrics without using harmful chemicals. In addition, bamboo is a highly renewable resource, able to grow to maturity within a couple of years.

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle. Fabric from Bottles.

Polyester made from recycled plastic not only decreases wastage, but also uses less energy to process than regular (virgin) polyester, especially during the dyeing process. Other reductions include, reducing CO2 manufacturing emissions by 80%, water usage by 87%, and chemical usage by 82%.