Creativity and Innovation

Established in 2006, Nulethics Inc. (pronounced "new"-lethics) started with a goal to be a major supplier of high quality activewear to amateur sports teams with the Alberta, Canada region. By 2007, Nulethics began manufacturing its own activewear with the premise that apparel should be good for both the athlete and the environment, hence, eco-friendly sportswear.

Nulethics is a young and energetic company with a passion for creativity and innovation in the world of functional apparel. The goal is to develop a strong brand of high end apparel that combines functionality, environmentalism and affordability.


1. Find your athletic self - we all have an athlete inside of us. This doesn't necessarily mean that we compete in sporting events, but it does mean that we are competitive and are willing to go the distance to accomplish our goals.

2. Rejuvinate your mind and body - now and then we all need to sit back and re-energize ourselves. Whether you do yoga or go for a walk in the park, make time to refocus your mind and body.

3. Enjoy life - relax and spend some time to enjoy life and the people around you.